is this mbp idea enough for me??? (pt/logic/apogee)

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by y0ud, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. y0ud macrumors newbie

    Jun 26, 2009
    hey guys
    i am after a laptop to take back and forth from my work at a rehearsal studio. at the moment i am lugging around a 24inch imac and, yea, it gets old carrying it around. i am in the process of building the control room for the studios there and will have prospects of using the macbook for another platform (running logic as an alternative to pro tools) if necessary (again not sure if it will be). but really, i want it as a portable platform to run logic, play around with simple midi processing and maybe even buy an apogee later down the track. that will be its primary use, along with your token browsing and iwork and what not (probs warcraft and the sims3 as well, who am i kidding)

    i have in my possession a pt 7.0 hd2 rig +96i/o. that will be the driving force for the studio side of things when they get up and running. its more then capable of recording what ever i want in a professional environment. the mac will just be more so for pleasure and simple mixing i can do at home or the studio. realistically, my personal use of this laptop for recording purposes will consist of no more then a few layers of guitar, keys, and then the rest will be midi (probably working with never more then 12 tracks) (looking at buying something along the lines of komplete5). i will only be ever doing tracking at the studio via the hd2 rig, and will have no need to record much (if anything at all) direct to the laptop.

    i think that puts us upto date.

    i have an opportunity to buy the second newest macbook pro WITH logic for $2000.
    2.4ghz, 4gig of ram, 7200rpm 320gig hard drive, 15inchscreen. only thing thats bugging me is the new improvments in the newest macbooks. the solid state hard drives are killer, as well as the better cpu's. i have a few questions;

    - will this machine be able to handle what i am after when it comes to playing around, writting and mixing with 16 odd tracks in logic studio 8

    -will an apogee be a good investment

    -how will the macbook pro handle pro tools 8.0 if i wanted to play around with mixes and structures at home?

    -can i buy a solid state hard drive and upgrade to 8gig for that macbook pro?

    - should i just neck up and buy logic for my 24inch (4gig of ram, 2.4ghz cpu)

    thanks for any help you give. its crunch time haha
  2. xparaparafreakx macrumors 65816

    Jul 29, 2005
    Are you looking to mix your PT HD on your laptop? Logic runs fine on a Macbook Pro but im worry about your PT HD.

    -will an apogee be a good investment?

    Duet or that new one that just came out? Should be perfect for you with the Duet.

    -how will the macbook pro handle pro tools 8.0 if i wanted to play around with mixes and structures at home?

    I think you have to upgrade to a new version of PT to get it to work on your Macbook Pro. I think its 7.4 and the newest is 8. No idea on the whole PT HD and PT LE.

    -can i buy a solid state hard drive and upgrade to 8gig for that macbook pro?

    Yes you can but the solid state might be over kill. Logic complete install is 50GBs. Adding on top of the OS and NI Komplete, you will fill up that SSD super fast.

    Ram can be bought at
  3. salientstimulus macrumors member

    Jul 3, 2009
    I don't know PT well enough, but Logic would run fine on your system. If processing power ever becomes an issue (i.e., latency gets bad), just freeze tracks. It will also depend on how much you use processor-hungry software instruments -- if you're using primarily audio recordings I doubt you will have problem.

    One other easy upgrade might be to buy an external firewire 800 disk to record to -- that way the audio disk access and the OS/DAW hard drive use aren't stepping on each other's toes.
  4. Chairman Plow macrumors regular

    Chairman Plow

    May 15, 2008
    I don't see why not. I haven't used Logic enough to know it inside and out, but my portable setup consists of a 13" MacBook and an MBox 2 running Pro Tools 8. I usually have Reason 4 running and record my tracks via Rewire, or I'll just export and import into the region list if I need to rearrange anything before (or AFTER!) recording vocals.

    I'd just recommend max RAM and a good external. What I did, was install a 500GB internal and partition it. 200GB dedicated to the OS and apps, 300GB dedicated recording space, external simply for backup. Most recording apps (ESPECIALLY Pro Tools) don't like it when you record to your system drive.

    Also, not so sure about going SSD. My Reason install alone is small, but counting Refills, kits and rex files, I amassed close to 40 GB easily. Session folders? Fuggedaboudit.

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