Is this normal?? How to fix this?? Battery life Galaxy S6!! :(

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    On my Samsung Galaxy S6 and only had the Galaxy S6 for only a few days soo far and I have installed Gsam Battery Monitor and I have found something that is very wrong because on the app sucker/usage thing it says 76.6% and most of that goes to the Google Play Store with 64.4% and the one after is the Android system with only 3.4% and the rest is under 1.0%.

    I am wondering is this normal that the Gasm Battery Monitor app sucker is 76.1% and the Play Store is taking 64.4% out of that?? Is this bad?? If so then how do I fix this??

    By the way I have tried force closing the Google Play Store and cleared the RAM and have the CPU power saving mode on and left it on sleep over night the next day the Gsam app sucker is still over 60/70% and the Play Store is taking most of it and the battery life is taking a hit and is not as good because of this!! :( :(

    Wrote down this whole thread on my new Samsung Galaxy S6 haha!! :D :D
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    Try it again after a week or two. If you were using the Play Store a lot then that would explain why it used so much battery. Mine looks like this today (S6 edge+)

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    Because the phone is new, maybe you could make a factory reset if you havent used Playstore much (browsing/installing).. Sounds like the app is acting wierd... you can also try to delete data/cache from Playstore.

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