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    Jan 23, 2014
    If I make a video call to a friend on Facetime using my ipohne5S, & she is also using an iphone5S. I share the same apple id with my mother who is also using an iphone5S. We share the wifi connection at home.

    If my mother opens her phone at home would she be able to see us (me and my friend) on Facetime video call since both of us (my mother and I) share the same apple id? Someone told me she would be able to do this because our phones would sync (?)

    Help - I need to know if this is possible since my mother hates my friend I wouldn't want her to know we were in touch.

    If my friend were to call, would my mother's phone ring too at the same time?


    What I meant was if my friend would call me on FaceTime would my mother;s phone ring too?

    Any input will be very highly appreciated.
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    As long as you make sure that your phone number is the only one selected for being able to reach you through FaceTime and not your apple ID, I believe you should be fine. If your apple ID is selected, there might be a possibility, but I'm not so sure.
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    Why not use a separate (non-shared) Apple ID for FaceTime (and essentially iMessage and iCloud)?
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