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    Jan 7, 2014
    Hi, I lost my old phone and sim card and my friend is selling a Note N7000 with a mpj extended battery. He is asking for 200$ but I don’t know if this is reasonable? He claimed both of phone and battery are almost new. It is without a SIM card so where can I buy it?? Sorry, I am really a novice on phone, thanks in advance.
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    Mostly SIMS from the big four providers in the states run from $10 to $30 depending on when you buy and if they're running a promo or not. You'll be able to link the new sim to your account as you "brought your own device" to the party.
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    Check out the Moto G on Amazon. When Motorola announced it, they claimed that because it runs near stock Android, many tasks will actually be faster compared to a GS4 running TouchWiz. I can't verify that myself, but if I was in your position, I would definitely go with the Moto G over a first gen Galaxy Note.
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    $10-$30 for a sim? :eek:

    Geez each time I've gone to AT&T for a new sim the price is $0.01 and only once have I had to pay it.
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    I second this. The N700 is the original Note with a lower resolution screen and running an older version of android. While the price is fair for that phone, for your price range the Moto G would be a better option IMO. If you can afford another $100, you could find some decent phones in Craig's list for $300.
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    Yea they're definitely free lol

    Well at least I'm pretty sure they are; I've never had to pay for a SIM card.
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    The screen on the original note is the same as on the moto G (720p). Anyhow I'd agree that the moto G would be the better buy. I was using the note in the first part of 2013 and even then it was struggling. Now it would only be worse.
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    I'd stretch my budget to $350 and get the Nexus 5 but if you must stick to about $200, the Moto G is by far the best option.

    A great review of the Moto G for you:
    (Marques just happens to be my favourite smart phone reviewer as well:) )

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