Is this the best way to convert VHS to DVD??

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by davidg4781, May 9, 2009.

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    I've been trying to read as much information I can find on this, but I'm either looking in the wrong place or there aren't that many people doing this.

    I'm trying to convert some old home movies on VHS to DVDs. Here's what I'm using....

    Elgato Eyetv 250 Plus
    VCR with composite video out

    I've recorded the first tape into Eyetv. Here's where it gets rough. First, I exported as .dv, then imported into iMovie and did my trimming and editing there. Then I realized I can do it in Eyetv so I started all over and trimmed up the clips there. I'm thinking this will help keep the original file sizes down.

    After this, from Eyetv, I'm exporting into iMovie and it's picking the .dv format. I added some fade ins/outs and I'm going to add some titles in so we know what we're watching. From iMovie, I add it to the Media Browser and fix it up in iDVD.

    There seems like there's a lot of conversions and transitions. Is this the best way? I'm also using iDVD and iMovie '08. Would it be best to upgrade to '09?

    Any other advice for doing this? Is there a tutorial that I'm missing somewhere?
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    Feb 10, 2008
    First, you want to use iMovie HD. Second, I would think about investing in a Canopus capture device. Personally, I use an ADVC-300 and it works perfectly, allowing a number of different picture enhancements.
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    If you're looking to spend some money Roxio Toast works well with Elgato Eyetv 250 Plus, and you don't need to fiddle going from iMovie to iDVD.

    Plus if you want to back up your other videos, (eg back up your own DVDs) Toast will help with this too.

    If he has already got and EyeTV why would he want to spend $550 dollars on a ADVC300?
  4. davidg4781 thread starter macrumors 68020

    Oct 28, 2006
    Alice, TX
    I'm not looking to spend much money. I was hesitant in buying the Eyetv to begin with, but I'm thinking I can sell it once I'm done with it, although I do like the TV tuner function.

    A few questions, though.

    Why should I use iMovie HD? I've heard people say they like it better than '08, but are there some great features I'm missing? I think I have it on the original discs that came with my MacBook, so installing it isn't that big of an issue.

    The Eyetv came with Toast 8 Basic. Is that to replace iMovie, iDVD, or both, or is it something totally different? Online, I see that I can do some editing to the audio, but is it worth the expense? I really only have about 5 VHS tapes I want to convert.

    As far as backing up my DVDs, I'm currently using Handbrake and it works pretty good. I really don't have a need to backup my DVDs, except to record them onto my cell phone for long trips or something.

    Again, thanks for the advice so far.

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