Is this the "coil whine" everybody's talking about?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by compute, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    This week i received my 6-core nmp and i read about people experiencing a coil whine on their new machines....

    Until today i tought mine was just fine and i could only hear the fan but today while downloading a large file (7gb) using JDownloader i noticed this sound that sounded as if there was data being written on a hdd but a bit more sharper, you know the ones that are not constant but with some silent moments in-between...its not as loud but its clearly there. I'm 100% sure the sound wasn't there before, but then again it was the first time i used JDownloader to download a large file on this computer.

    So a few questions:

    - Is it normal to actually hear these sort of sounds when downloading a large file or putting the computer under load
    - Do SSD's actually make a sound when data is being written to it (downloaded from the net)
    - The people whom experience this coil it there "all the time" from the moment you start up the computer, or is it only when performing certain tasks?

    Is there some test i can run to put my computer under some load to see if i it makes the same noise as it does whilst running JDownloader.

    Again just to make clear, i don't experience this sound when its just running indesign, playing a HD movie...etc

    So does this sound like the infamous Coil whine or not quite?
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    My technical knowledge is not large enough to dare answer all of your questions.
    No doubt you will receive better answers from more expert members than me.
    However as far as I know and heard, SSD drives do not make noises, contrary to conventional magnetic hard drives, which can be in most cases heard when writing or reading data, some of them a bit louder and others more quiet but never absolutely silent.

    People reporting what someone decided to call "coil whine" (for lack of a better name) heard it in most cases when having their computer perform a certain software task or tasks, if you read their posts in this forum.
    (Only one user said he already heard a sound when his computer was idle).

    In most reports the sound was differently pictured to the one you describe, but you can check it by yourself and decide if it is similar or not.
    Some people recorded their sound and you can find their recorded sound files, hear them, and compare them to the noise you heard. Look in this forum for those recordings.
    That might help you :)
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    Seriously. Give it a rest.
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    I truly love lemonade... but still believe that a question someone asks can be answered by anybody without censorship of any other member, (unless of course the user asking or the user trying to answer that question live in North Korea...:rolleyes:)

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