Is this too much on one machine?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chrono1081, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Jan 26, 2008
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    I just saw that the shipping status on my new (and first ever) mac was changed to Shipped on: Mar 25, 2008 via FEDERAL EXPRESS :) Its a:

    Macbook Pro 2.5ghz
    4gb Ram
    200gb 7200RPM harddrive (with many external drives)
    15.4iinch glossy screen (will be hooked mostly to external)

    Now, here comes the intro to question: This is replacing my windows desktop so once I transfer licenses/rebuy/buy new software here is what will be going on it:

    Mac OSX:
    Adobe Master Collection (99% of components installed)
    Corel Painter X
    Maya Ultimate 2008
    Logic Express
    Adobe Lightroom
    Circus Ponies Notebook (It looks like a great replacement to OneNote which I use a ton)

    Windows XP Pro(I have to install this):
    MS Visual Studio 2008

    Now the question: Do you think it would be better to install these on the laptop harddrive? Or would I be better off installing on externals (I hear on the mac I can use eSata)?

    I know on windows it would bog the machine down pretty good but I wasnt sure about mac. This machine was bought to be a fairly portable homebrew game programming/design studio since I have to travel between multiple places now. If I have to install on externals no biggie cause they come with me.
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    Jun 8, 2007
    All of that should fit on your 200GB drive. For portability, you are going to want to have all of your applications on the internal drive. Even with everything installed, I can't imagine your application space coming anywhere near half of the drive.

    I would keep the external drives for large media files. Even if you did take up 100GB for applications, another 100GB should be enough for at least a few projects. ;)

    You can buy an ExpressCard eSata card for the MBP ( if you want to go that route. Though, I've stuck with FW800 externals for my MBP. You can daisy-chain multiple devices together--I'm currently up to 7. It is really convenient, because I only have to connect one cable to my MBP and then they are all connected. Performance I've found to be about the same as eSata, since you are going to be limited by the hard drive performance, not the bus performance.

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