Is this too much to ask for a grant from a foundation?

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    I am applying for a grant and I do qualify so that I can get a new computer for next school year because my computer is just giving me too much trouble. I want a laptop for a replacement for my desktop. If I were to apply for the 13 MBP which has a significant performance upgrade to my pc, I'll be downgrading in terms of GPU. I have a Radeon HD 4670 I JUST purchased back in feb before my computer started getting even worse and should I go the way of the 13 inch MBP I'll be getting a GMA HD 3000. If i configure the most basline macbook pro that will suit my needs, its about $2172. Morally, would that be asking too much from the grant foundation? this is my only option, my dad died and my mom goes into surgery this month for a complete hip replacement and so I have no other way of receiving a good powerful reliable computer. This is no government grant, its a foundation that helps students by giving them grants for things they need from the funds they raise.
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    I think it depends on what you're going to use the computer for. For example, if you're a journalism major who just wants the more powerful machine so you can play video games, then it's excessive (and they'll probably tell you that). If you're doing programming or graphic design or something that actually requires a better machine, then explain that in your grant application. What you need and what you want may not necessarily be the same . . . and the grant is just for what you need.

    Figure out what you actually need, and then explain that choice in your grant request.
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    Yeah, if I were a charitable foundation, I'd be seriously wondering why you'd need a $2000 computer for school.

    There are a lot of students out there that really need $500 or so for a basic PC to run Word and a browser to write papers. You'd have to give a good reason why you're worth four of those kids.
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    yea maybe your best option is if you really want a mbp to just go baseline and upgrade yourself as you go.

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