Is this true 16GB 3GS for $475 by doing this

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by turnpiketexas, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. turnpiketexas macrumors newbie

    Aug 10, 2009
    I have been looking at buying an iphone on craigslist and I came across this. Can anyone confirm if this works.

    ------------------------- Extremely Important to Read Everything ---------------------

    Hi y'all!!!

    If you clicked on this ad, chances are you're able to pay $489 for a Brand New 3GS 16GB iPhone or at least close to it. Anyways, here's what you need to do (I just got mine today!!!)

    I've been on CL for 3 days shopping for a fairly priced used iphone 3G but all i got after meeting countless "young" on a summer job iPhone resellers who lies about the condition of their iphones and over-pricing them as well was nothing but aggravation and Frustration!!! It is when I finally listened to my cousin who works for at&t and told me exactly what to do and how to go about it!! And here it goes...

    Note : If you're with t-mobile, do not cancel your contract with them.

    Step 1 Go to any at&t store (not apple store), buy a 3GS 16GB iPhone Black/white for $213.43 (including tax) total cash out!!

    Step 2 Subscribe to their minimum monthly plan required for a 2-year Contract of $74.99

    Step 3 Register your iPhone the First Time you connect to Itunes with apple the moment you activate it so that they have your name on file for warranty purposes.

    Step 4 Jailbreak and Unlock your BRAND NEW 3GS so you can use it with t-mobile (just in case they're your current provider). don't pay anybody for these cuz even a 12 year old can do it. (go to google or youtube to get the instructions) it takes about 7 minutes to do it!!

    Step 5 Use your NEW iPhone for 3 weeks ( unlimited data and 450 roll over minutes ) just make sure you don't go over the 450 minutes! or better yet, just use your t-mobile SIM if you have one.

    Step 6 Call at&t after 3 weeks and cancel your service then pay $200 early termination penalty and First month Bill of $74.99!! By Law, they will have to abide by your request and your credit will NEVER be ruined so long as you pay the $200 penalty!!

    So there you go!!.... total cost for your Brand New iPhone 3GS 16GB is $489.00 !! you can go to and check it out yourself!! (3G is even cheaper!!!)

    Total time spent : 35-40 minutes at the at&t store + 10 minutes on the phone with at&t to cancel service = 45-50 MINUTES!! ( I spent a combined total of more than 5 hrs talking to different iPhone resellers trying to make a quick bucks off of me!!!)

    Don't buy from these lying, over pricing, young"trying to make quick bucks" iPhone RE-SELLERS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jul 19, 2008
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    This is the way people purchase iPhones and get out of the contract as soon as possible. Just don't back out before the first month or so because you have to return the phone.
  3. STEVESKI07 macrumors 68000


    Jan 6, 2009
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    The problem is if you cancel within 30 days then you have to return your phone. The problem with cancelling after 30 days is that you get charged for a full 2nd month. So roughly around $550 I'd say. I know there are people on here that have done it, so do some searching to find some exact numbers.

    Edit: He also forgot to mention taxes/gov. fees. I would say it would put you up higher then $600 to do this.

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