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Jun 8, 2013
Last night I powered my MacBook Pro off. I noticed my keyboard was a little dirty so I wet a cloth with a little bit of dishwashing liquid and wiped the surface down. I dried it off. I closed the laptop and left it plugged into the power cord.

The next morning, my laptop doesn't turn on! When i opened it, i noticed a little bit of dewey wetness on the screen (not much). I turn it on and It starts and I hear the starting noise but the screen goes white and then shuts off immediately. I try this a couple times and then I unplug it, unscrew the back panel and I've been putting it out to dry for 6 hours.

Being the impatient person I am, I inspect it and the outside looks fine. I screw on the back panel again and try to turn it on....same thing. I hear the start up noises but it doesn't get past the white screen. Also, when I plug in my power cord, it doesn't light up. What's wrong???


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Aug 10, 2007
I'm a rolling stone.
Is there hope??

Yes there is, people have done the rice thing before with good result.
I think the other poster was most likely wrong, a wetted cloth should not be a problem, but you closed the lid and shouldn't have done this right away, especially not if it was still warm/hot.

But, if I have water damage I immediately open the device and clean everything with isotropy alcohol.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had a leak in our house right above the Tv, stopped working, opened it and cleaned the Logic board, worked again.
But, I soon found out the water also got into the display, now opened that one as well, still not perfect, the diffusers/polarising filters are extremely hard to clean.


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Feb 9, 2008
Sounds like some of that dishwashing fluid didn't get dried out before you closed the lid.

The only way to know if it's fine is going to be patience. Let it dry out and hope for the best.

As for cleaning, I usually use rubbing alcohol. Disinfects and it dried out in seconds.


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Apr 4, 2011
I did the same thing with my wireless keyboard for my iMac. After two days I took it to the Apple Store and said it wasn't working. They gave me a brand new one no questions asked. That may work for a $60 keyboard, but I'm not so sure they'll be so quick to replace a $2000 laptop. Next time try to only wet part of the cloth. From now on, I only use water on all of my electronics--no soap or detergents, or cleaners.


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Nov 6, 2010
Auckland, NZ
If only water penetrated through the keyboard, putting it in rice for a few days to a week might dry it out and make it work again, but, if there was dish washing liquid that got in there, it won't dry out and will continue to cause additional problems. Your best bet is to have the logic board removed and cleaned and dried ASAP. If that doesn't work, you've got to look at logic board replacement or reflowing the board or component level repair and possibly a new top case.
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