Is Time Machine more refined and efficient in Mavericks?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by squeakr, Nov 1, 2013.

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    Apr 22, 2010
    Like the title says. I have found that using the same drive and the same sharing configurations and system design (nothing has changed in physical location, designations, etc everything is the same as before except the OS's involved) that time machine is taking less time to back up and seems to be taking less space on the drive for the same number of days backed up. I have my TM configured to use a network drive connected to my Mavericks Server 3.0 (previously was ML Server 2.0) and my local system MBP running Mavericks (prior was running ML), and the elapsed backup times are much better and the amount of data used on the disk is much better than for the same comparable time frames under ML.

    Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon as well? Nothing else has changed, still formatted the same, using solely AFP, the same router and network path to the drive, and the same usage on my MBP as before the OS upgrades. The only thing that has changed is the times and sizes. I know the relative times from before as I am using Time Machine Editor to only have the machine backing up twice a day at set times, and what used to take 30-90 mins to complete now is just taking a fraction of that. I watch this as I check most mornings to see that the backups are still working as I have had them stop in past years when a disk disconnected (and I can't afford to really lose work data when back ups stop working due to such issues),

    I think this is a good thing and just wondered if others are seeing the same results as I am?? I am thinking that one weekend I need to check to makes sure the back up is fully readable and retrievable to insure that what I am seeing is not something else happening, such a s data corruption and the backup stopping due to this.

    Interested to read others findings.

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