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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by guccirush007, Jan 8, 2006.

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    Dec 27, 2005

    My issue is this... I have AIM/AOL and I am able to see myself on webcam.. however noone else can unless they HAVE a webcam... My first question is- "DO you have to have a WEBCAM on both ends for both people to see you?" Does the person I am chatting with HAVE to have a webcam to see me? If so WHY? They should atleast be able to see ME if I want them to... Also if they are using windows for PC platform... can they use a pc webcam and still connect with me through my isight although I am on a mac?

    My second major ISSUE is.. WHY is the isight only compatible with AOL/AIM? I was told when I bought this it would be compatible with MSN Messenger for windows AND the MAC version... I have both and the isight does not show up on it... CAN ISIGHT be connected to msn messenger for MAC??? PLEASE help me!

    I called APPLE tech support and they couldn't even help me! They told me to call Microsoft! Anyhow- one guy did say he was able to get his ISIGHT working with the MSN messenger for MAC platform.. do you have ANY idea how to do that?? The thing is ALL my freinds are on PC's and have MSN messenger..

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    Jan 6, 2003
    The official MSN Messenger client for mac does not have video chat functionality. There was a 3rd party program a while a go that sort of forced 'conferencing mode' although it wasn't very good when I tried it.

    This should be in the Mac Peripherals forum and is a question that's been asked several times before. If you do a search I'm sure you'll find some good answers.

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