iSight turns on uncommanded. Can't turn it off.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by 2Sunny, Jul 22, 2010.

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    I admit to having recently visited a porn site, and now have an iSight that won't shut off. I have tried to access the iSight camera through Skype, iChat, and Photobooth with no luck. When the light is on I can not use it. My brief research so far has brought up a mention of security issues regarding porn sites and flash. My problem can be solved if I turn the computer off and then back on, but it recurs at random intervals. My suspicion is that some form of malware is at work, but I have little proof other than knowing where I visited and the presence of the green light of my iSight coming on. Obviously some black tape solves the immediate issue of unwanted possible views, however, that does nothing to resolve the question of potential malware of which I here to fore believed Macs to be invulnerable. My questions therefore are:

    1) How can I directly turn my iSight on/off?
    2) Is there some anti-malware program for scanning a Mac?
    3) What links do you have related to this discussion?
    4) Is there a known problem and solution, and if so what?

    Thanks as always,

    Joe in NY
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