iSmart Dialer + Version 4.03 Problem

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    I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.1 and various Jailbreak packages.

    I wanted a speed dial feature and, from a trial a while back, I liked how iSmart Dialer did searches, etc. So I bought it. But the main reason I wanted the software was for the speed dial feature.

    I setup some speed dial keys and tried it out. No matter what phone number I pick in my Contacts list, when I activate a speed dial key, it calls up biteSMS and sets up a text to "null". It shows a popup with the right contact and number, but it always brings up biteSMS with a text to "null".

    Now, if I setup biteSMS to not be the "Default SMS App", I press and hold the speed dial key and the correct contact and number pops up, but it does nothing else. It does not dial and it does not load biteSMS or Messages. I uninstalled biteSMS and got the same result.


    I have sent multiple emails to the developers over the course of a week and have received no responses. I am going to dispute this with PayPal. It was only $3.99 but it's the principle. If a developer is going to charge for and app and setup a support address for it, they should at least respond.

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