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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by IDMah, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Hi all..

    Sort of related to another problem I have, does anyone have or is there an easy way to find the numeric code for a country in xcode?

    ISO-3166 numeric 3 digit, ala:

    or do I have a lot of typing to do?
    Basically I want to encode a persons country and maybe city for a leader board. Hope this will not counter vein appleStore privacy policy. (Will it?)


    ps. I was thinking of encoding the ascii value of the letter code but seems like a lot of work also.
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    Why would need to do a lot of typing?

    The wikipedia article's table can be selected, copied, and pasted from a browser window. You might need to do a little cleanup, but typing it in completely from scratch seems silly.

    Also, see the References section of the Wikipedia article, and go visit the relevant website at I suspect they provide ready access to complete tables, probably in several forms.

    As to encoding ASCII letters, why do that?

    There are 26 letters. The codes are 2 characters. That's 26*26 = 676 codes, maximum. You can treat the letters [A-Z] as digits in a base-26 numbering system, and represent the resulting number as a decimal number in less than 3 digits. How do we know no more than 3 decimal digits are needed? Because 676 is less than 999.
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    Why limit yourself to those 26 ASCII characters? Is Unicode not supported?

    Also, 900 - 999 are user assignable, so you only need to worry about 899 at most.
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    The ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 codes are composed only of letters, where each letter is in the range [A-Z]. To support the entire range of alpha-2 country codes, it's only necessary to support characters in that range. Full Unicode support is not required.
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    May 13, 2011

    Ok, I guess I'm over complicating a simple problem. Lookup table it is.

    Really I wanted people from say: Toronto, Canada to challenge play other players from their own city, country. Since Game centre only allows me
    to store the score and a context (64bit number) I wanted to encode the city and country there. I guess if I want this function I have to roll my own server.


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