ISO creating/editing software? Need to create a Vista DVD from 5 install CDs.

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by psingh01, Jul 22, 2007.

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    I have Vista install discs (5 CDs) but can't install on my MBP because I don't know how to (can't?) eject a disc during the install. So I want to create a DVD installer from the 5 CDs I have. I found some instructions on the web but they require payware for windows. Is there anything on OSX that I can use? Preferably freeware, but I would pay if it is not too expensive.

    As far as the instructions they are quite simple:

    1.) create iso of disc 1
    2.) edit iso by copying contents of discs 2-5 into appropriate directory of iso.
    3.) burn dvd from iso.
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    There were instructions on how to make a bootable XP ISO using mkisofs on maybe you can find something similar for Vista. Then just copy the files to a folder and use mkisofs to make the DVD image.

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    Jun 16, 2007
  4. psingh01 thread starter macrumors 65816

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    Just posting here again incase others want to do what I did. I had to use XP under vmware to get this to work though (needed a program that was Windows only).

    1) Get mkisofs from (for osx)
    2) Get BBIE - Bart's Boot Image Extractor (windows only)
    3) On OSX, I created a "Vista" folder on my desktop and one by one I loaded each Vista CD and copied its contents into my "Vista" folder. I took the contents of CDs 2-5 and put them in the "Vista/source" directory.
    4) Now, in windows I load my Vista CD 1 (drive d: ) and use bbie to get the boot image. The commad - bbie -v -b d:
    5) I now copy the image.bin file it creates back to the OSX side and into the Vista folder I created in step 3. I renamed it boot.bin.
    6) Now back in the OSX side you will create the dvd iso with the command mkisofs -udf -v -b boot.bin -no-emul-boot -hide boot.bin -hide boot.catalog -o MyVistaIso.iso Vista

    Here boot.bin is the file you copied from the Windows side and Vista is the "Vista" folder you created in step 3. When this command is done you will have a MyVista.iso. You should then be able to burn this image to a dvd and do the install on a MBP :)

    Note: I have not gotten as far as doing the bootcamp install but I used the image to install on a vmware partition so it should work.

    Most of my information came from here:

    It made my job easier and I didn't have to buy magiciso :)
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    Alternatively, if you happen to own (or can borrow) an external CD drive, then I believe that you can install from that instead and successfully eject the CDs.
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    Jun 25, 2006
    how do I burn the ISO to the DVD?

    psingh01 - great info!

    the problem I am having is I cannot burn the ISO to my DVD. I can burn the actual FILE to the DVD - but I am not able to create a DVD from the ISO.

    I am using a MBP Core2Duo with Mac OS X 10.4.10.

    I actually downloaded the Vista ISO from MSDN and am attempting to use Disk Utility to burn the DVD.

    Am I missing a step here?

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    I thought Disk Utility could burn ISO images. If not though, try Toast.

    If that fails, you could always use a trial version of Alcohol 120% or Nero on your XP VMWare.
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    This definitely works (I'm an MSDN member too). In Disk Utility, click Burn on the toolbar then navigate to the image file. If it doesn't work, then try verifying your download against the hash listed on MSDN. I use DropHash to do this.

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