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    I'm in a Radiology program and our program director gave us all discs that were purchased for all students to help study for our Radiology Certifications. We were given permission to make iso files to help distribute this application for people who did not have disc drives. They however did not provide us with the ISO file, or any other digital file. I have ran disk utility and made the ISO file. I then gave it to my teacher to upload to our school's dropbox folders.

    This file works for all Macs, Windows 7 and below. On Windows 8 we run into trouble. It says the ISO is either corrupt or unparsed.

    Any ideas on how to fix this for my fellow students? I know it is not corrupt because its only Windows 8.

    Anyone know of a Mac or Windows App that can help me?
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    You might try extracting it, or passing the contents without making the iso, to someone with a windows machine and have them make an iso with ultraiso.
    zip or rar the contents, pass it to them, let them extract and make an iso on windows.

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    ISO difference on Win 7 & Win 8.1

    I created an ISO of a DVD using Image Burn on 2 computers.
    The computer with Win 8.1 shows a dialog box, after single clicking on the ISO image, with the option to click on "Mount" the ISO of the DVD.
    The computer with Win 7 also shows a dialog box but without the "Mount" option. Instead, the option is to burn a DVD.
    The game needs DVD 1 in the drive to play. With Win 8.1 the game works after mounting the ISO.
    Both ISO files were created in the same way. What can be done to make the Win 7 ISO mount?

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