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May 1, 2009
The Netherlands

Who on here is supporting this ****?
And why are you falling for it?

It's so obviously fake, you know the saying "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is"
They will get the money anyway if it's funded or not, and they are based in Denmark and their bank account is in Latvia?
Also the names of the team members are obviously bogus, there's nothing to be found on them.
A lot of people are supporting this even though there's no proof of any kind? :eek:

All you get it some nice CAD drawings and that's it lol!
And there's no way to create such a product with the restrictions IOS has, wake up people!
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Oct 18, 2011
Long Island, NY/Houston, TX
You'd be amazed how easily some pretty mockups win people over. Good/cool idea != viable product, but few people know that. And yeah projects like this are all over kickstarter and indiegogo.
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