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    Jun 30, 2008
    We have a one-track audio CD we created in Toast 9. Entered the ISRC code. Imported the CD into iTunes. Filled in all the meta data. Clicked "Submit CD Track Names" in iTunes...

    But when we pop the disc into another computer, none of the song/artist/album data shows up in iTunes! Shouldn't the song data be tied to the ISRC code? What are we doing wrong?
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    Feb 15, 2010
    iTunes Producer & ISRC Pains

    I'm not totally sure of the answer to your problem, however when I upload to iTunes Producer, I always do it in the following order:

    - Type in Metadata (Genre, Label Name, Copyright, Artist...etc)
    - Import CD tracks
    - Type in track names
    - Type in ISRC's
    - Type in UPC
    - Artwork then send, maybe cause you've put the ISRC's in first its getting messy. The other thing could be that the ISRC's may not be valid or correct, worth double checking.

    I'm having ISRC trouble too... I have iTunes Producer files someone else has made that I need to change. The files have audio and metadata in however, I cannot put the ISRC's in. The required field is grey. :confused:.

    I Hope I may have helped you, if you can help me it would be much apreciated. Thanks

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