Issue installing Win7 via bootcamp

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    I have a mid 2012 (which ever preceeds the late 2012) 21" iMac. I have installed an aftermarket SSD and a 2TB HDD. iMac works fine.

    I am trying to install win7 via boot camp. I have downloaded windows support software to a USB drive and proceeded to install win7 via disc. It partions the HDD (or at least tries) and then the iMac re-boots on its own to a white screen. Then after about a miniute the screen goes black and states somethng like "no bootable disc available". This also happened when i tried it on the SSD.

    I am running the latest version of Mavericks.
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    hi, you have 2 options here, you can use bootcamp ass. to transfer your disc onto the usb drive with the software on it (personally i would wipe the usb and completely start over) reason for this is bootcamp will install the disc and drivers all in 1 push.

    or, start over using your disc and when your mac reboots the first time, at the chime hold the alt key down and choose your win 7 disc to boot from.

    also you will need a usb wired mouse because although your mouse and keyboard work at the beginning of installation when you get to the registry part of the install they don't! so you have to use the onscreen keyboard.

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