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Dec 9, 2008
I have a friend of mine who has a 2015 15in MacBook Pro.

She still has the original Mac OS Yosemite installed & the Apple ID she used in the past cannot be recovered via yahoo email. You need to log in to the app store to download/install the new OS.

So since we were unable to recover the account I just made a new (temporary) one, entered payment details and shipping, then tried to do the Mojave update... BUT when clicking "install" in the app store it would give an error message like "Unable to locate apple id" or something similar (I can't remember the exact message). So I would keep re-signing into the Apple ID and it would keep giving me an error message.

She would like to update her creative cloud apps (requires Mojave) as well as just have an updated Mac OS in general. Does she need to call apple and try to recover her original apple ID that can't be recovered via email, and/or do I need to back up and re-install from scratch somehow?

Thank you!!


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May 9, 2017
Austin, TX
Really is a personal preference on this one. If she is willing to contact Apple to recover her password, that is certainly an option, or you can create a USB version of the OS as @Audit13 suggested.

I do find it a bit peculiar that she can’t sign into the App Store, as typically that isn’t something you sign out of on a Mac. You might try creating a separate user profile on the machine, and give it administrator access, and see if you can use that profile with the newly created AppleID to unstall Mojave through the App Store.

But me personally, I’d contact Apple to get her original account recovered.
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May 30, 2018
I would have her call apple, they helped me in 2014 straighten out an account hinderance.
You can check to see if her mac is authorized to whom as well, and her firmware is updated.
This update should work out because apple is great at these problems
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