Issue when using InCase Perforated Hardshell on MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by amitdoc2b, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. amitdoc2b macrumors 6502a

    Feb 25, 2008
    Has anyone used these for their Macbook Air? I have a 13" 2011 MBA. Do you feel a bit of friction when you open the lid? I feel like the black hinge that allows you to open the laptop (which is where the invisible bottom latch for the hardshell case is), comes in the way and causes some friction when opening the laptop.. I'm afraid this will damage the laptop. Are you having the same experience? Otherwise its a beautiful looking case...
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    Dec 28, 2008
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    Just saw this thread and was looking at the same case. Any luck figuring out what was causing this? I'm a fan of my speck sleeve for when I just have the laptop, but when I travel I'd like to have a case to carry it in my bag rather than this bulky padded sleeve. (yes, I said bulky and sleeve in the same sentence. wanna fight about it?)
  3. PodPacker macrumors regular


    Oct 23, 2006

    I can say one thing about the perforated case. It really doesn't improve heat dissipation much more than the standard cases. I don't use it anymore and I have yet to bang up, scuff or otherwise damage the exterior of my MBa. I would suggest a nice sleeve that you can use for transporting if you don't want to use a bag, backpack or case. Also, if you insist on buying one of these, get it from TekServe, they have the lowest price I've seen.
  4. TyroneShoes2 macrumors regular

    Aug 17, 2011
    I have always differed from Jon Ive regarding the slickness of Apple products. They look terrific, but every item feels like a bar of soap that is about to squirt out of my hands. Every iPod (except the recent shuffle), iPad, and iPhone I have owned has needed a case of some kind.

    I had a couple of 12.1 PowerBooks, which I finally replaced with a 13" MBA in August. I would never have even dreamed of putting them in cases; to me that is like trying to gild the lily. They were just perfect without a case.

    The MBA is very different. I never drooled over the form factor and I still am not wild about the large thick aluminum bezel around the screen (waiting for a bezel-less MBA to be the future replacement in a couple years).

    But the MBA sure looks cool. Apparently the rest of the world thinks so too, as every cheap computer company now has a knockoff. But I didn't buy it because it looks cool, that's just the gravy; I bought it for the functionality and portability (I have shlepped a Mac laptop of some sort to work every day since 2001).

    A couple of months ago (6 months into owning the MBA) I finally relented and searched for something that would allow me to pick it up with one hand without fear of dropping it; the MBA feels like a cold, very slippery, large knife blade, and that is not a friendly feeling. It runs completely counter to the warmth and emotional connectedness that Apple likes to imbue its products with. I searched high and low for something with a grippy, neoprene-like surface and came up completely empty.

    So I found myself limited to hard-shell plastic cases. It appeared that the only advantage I would find from this would be grippyness, which was the primary goal. Secondary goals were out. Most hard-shell cases were just as slippery and seemed ludicrous, as they imbued the product with no advantage at all, sort of like grandma's plastic chair covers. I tried a couple from Amazon, but was ultimately unsatisfied and sent them back (at my own expense).

    So the way I got grippyness from a hard-shell plastic case was ironically due to the perforations, which I think are really there more for stylizing the item rather than the functionality I was going for. The color selection is pretty limited; primary colors are not my thing, which limits me to grey or white, so I got white, which is as close to subtle as I could come.

    I am not seeing the same issues you are reporting about; it seems functionally pretty perfect. I was worried about it hurting the heat dissipation characteristics of the metal, but that seems not to be an issue.

    It is indeed the best-looking case out there, but that is not saying much. The prettiest girl in the bar can still be a 2, and this case is only a 5 compared to what I had in mind when I began this dumb search. I'm still not really happy with the way the perforations seem to not really work well with the glowing apple logo, but I never see that, everyone else does and I really am not out to impress anyone with having an MBA or a funky case. I think that is my core issue with laptop cases like this, is that most people get them to personalize the item or impress other people, which I find abhorrent.

    I did find a way to improve both the look and the grippyness, however, which was to go over the entire surface with some 400-grit sandpaper, which removed the gloss. So now I have a custom "matte" version of the case, which I find both more visually and texturally appealing than the glossy slippery original.

    Picking it up with one hand is no longer an irritating cold experience filled with worry about dropping it, so I guess it was worth the 60 bucks (no discounts anywhere, other than my employee discount at the Apple Store).

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