iPhone Issue with Bigify+

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by JrFreak, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. JrFreak, Jan 5, 2014
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    JrFreak macrumors 6502a


    Aug 3, 2009
    Is there a known issue with Bigify+ and another tweak? When I install it my springboard unpacks the folders and changes the background to grey. Maybe infinidock or infiniboard?

    iPhone 5, Bigify+ 2.7.7
  2. jt999 macrumors regular

    Oct 11, 2007
    I am not having that issue.
    The problem I am having is that certain icons return to normal size when I swipe through homescreens.

    This bug was not
    fixed in the last update.

    Bigify+ 2.7.7; 5s

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