issue with mid-2012 13" pro screen


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Dec 8, 2011
Hi all, my wife has a mid-2012 macbook pro 13 and has been having a problem I could use some help with please. If I put the laptop on a table, the screen goes black. If I then tilt the base (not the screen) up, the screen comes back on. I'm including a screen-shot where you can see something going on at the bottom of the screen, not sure what's going on. Tilting the screen itself does nothing, only tilting the base helps. When it's on my lap it works great.

I read something on here about a sensor near the HDD, I turned that off and it didn't help. Any ideas? Thanks!



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Jan 1, 2014
London, UK
It's the "stage light" effect, the LVDS cable (which attaches the LCD to the Logic Board) has developed a fault over time with opening/closing the display or has become loose inside the display clamshell. It's not an easy repair job to replace the LVDS cable, your best bet is either to go an Apple store for display replacement or purchase the entire display clamshell on eBay etc. and replace it yourself.


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Feb 5, 2015
RadishTM is correct.
I would go to the Apple Store as well, although I believe 2012 machines are vintage (not to sure)