Issue with my brothers in law wireless Internet please help!!

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    My brothers in law computer is about a year old so no issue there. He chose to stay with Windows xp not Vista. I live my mother in law so my wife and I can save up for a house in the future by the way (in case anybody that is curious). The issue is every time and I do mean every time he turns on his computer it takes a while to connect to our wireless network that I set up here in this house. It shows the other open networks close to the house but it won't show the name of the wireless network here in this house since I hid and changed the name of the SSID. Is there something I am doing wrong?? I wonder why it connects so slow to the wifi network.

    A quicker alternative solution I found is to right click on the wireless network icon in the taskbar and click on repair from the popup menu that will connect to the wifi network but still a bit slower. By the way he is running a linksys pci wifi card 802.11g. I don't know the specific model of it or what version the driver is at right now. I installed PC Wizard 2008 to possibly tell me more about the wifi card it has inside but nothing. Is there some software that I can download in order to tell me what card I am using and the drivers information on it? I am hoping to update the drivers on this wifi card. We have a modem with wireless built in we are using the 2wire 2700 HG. (Not my choice mothers in law choice) I have attached a pic of what it looks like.

    The only security measure I put in place is to hide and change the name of the SSID. I did not set up WPA. Should I bother? I just want a quick connect, secure and convenient to use for my in laws. I was going to set up wpa security on the wifi network but got arguments from my inlaws after I told them about password protecting the wireless Internet. Hope you guys can help me out. Thank you.

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    Never mind. I took care of it and it was resolved!!!!

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