Issue with new Airport Extreme Base Station 802.11ac

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by markw10, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. markw10 macrumors 6502

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    I just purchased an AEBS (new model with 802.11ac). I'm using it with Comcast internet service using a Motorola Surfboard SB6121.

    I have a very odd and frustrating issue. The internet simply blips in and out. I have it set up with WiFi and have connected devices such as my iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro, and a Chromebook to it. I have the issue on all devices so I know it's not device specific.

    The network itself never goes away. When I look at the WiFi area on my Mac even when the internet isn't working it shows it's connected to the WiFi network. Also, when the internet is not working the green light is on and staying lit (not blinking) on the AEBS so it appears the WiFi Network part of it works fine.

    As mentioned it's the internet service itself that blips in and out. What I mean by this is it may come on for 40 secs, go off for 20 secs, back on again, and off, just like that. I have not timed it and that would be hard but it seems to be very regular, something like 40 on, 20 off, and it may not even vary at all. It's a very bizarre issue. I have also direct connected the modem via ethernet to my Mac Pro. I used it for several problems with no problem so I know it's not the modem.

    The only thing I can think of is I received a defective AEBS. I purchased it through Amazon and I almost contacted them to do a replacement and send this one back. Yet I'm hoping it's something simple with the settings. Now I have already done a factory reset of the AEBS and that did not help. Yet I'm hoping it's simply a setting that I need to modify or wipe out. Any idea of what's causing this or is it simply a defective base station?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Altemose, Sep 12, 2014
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    Have you tried setting it up for IP v6? I have an Extreme sixth generation and SB6121 without issue.
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    If you can reliably connect on a direct connection to the modem, sounds like you have eliminated the modem as the problem, and any issues you may have messed up with the Extreme would have been fixed by the reset... so sounds to me like you have a defective Airport Extreme.

    There is no real secret to setting it up.
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    Check to see if there is a software update for it.
  5. scott523, Sep 20, 2014
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    Did you try try resetting to factory defaults?

    I had this weird bug where my speeds would be locked to 1Mb/s when 5.0GHz network is off. I decided to factory reset both of my Extremes and everything went back to normal.

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