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    Hi. I have searched the forum for an answer but do not have a clear one. I have had an AppleTV for quite some time and love it. I am a PC person but changing, slowly. Recently bought my daughter an iMac for Xmas.

    Anyways, My Desktop PC that I used with my iTunes that was synced to my AppleTV stopped working this winter and I cannot reboot it. I am able to get all my music and most of my Movies, Videos and some TV shows off it. However, there is still a fair amount of stuff on the AppleTV that never got a chance to sync with iTunes. I bought items from the iTunes Store directly from the AppleTV. How do I get the Movies, Shows, etc. that I purchased from the iTunes store directly to AppleTV off of it and onto my new 2TB of network storage.

    Please help.

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    Normally when you purchase content through the :apple:TV1 it syncs back to the associated computer -- they didn't intend for that content to only reside on the :apple:TV itself. Is it possible this happened and you weren't aware? You already may know that, but also know that you have content that you purchased but never had a chance to sync back. There are methods of hacking the :apple:TV that will allow you to extract that content, but someone else will have to help you with those. If worse comes to worst you can contact Apple and explain what happened, and they may send you electronic vouchers that will allow you to re-download that content again.
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