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    Nov 19, 2012
    Hey everyone,

    I just came across this forum while searching for info on an issue that I'm having. This really does not have anything in particular to do with an iPhone, but not sure where else to ask. Anyway, here goes.. I have an iPhone 4 with AT&T. I decided that I wanted to switch to verizon because the AT&T service isn't the best where I live. I just went to verizon today and got the new iPhone, but the problem is that they can't port over my number from AT&T. I originally had this number ported over from t-mobile to AT&T years ago, so I thought that may have been the problem. It turns out that the reason they say they can't is because the number I have is associated with an area where verizon does not have coverage. When I looked at the verizon coverage map, they definitely have service in that area. What they meant was that they are not contracted to sell phones in that town, so no verizon stores. they used to have a store a few years back that closed. Is there any way to get around all that? The thing is that I still live in the same state, just different town. In fact, it's still within the same area technically I'm not even out of the area. They can give me a new number with the same area code but yet my old one can't be ported? Just really frustrated right now..anyone have any info/advice or suggestions? Thanks!
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    You might check at Howard Forums for help with this. I have seen it discussed there. I believe some were able to work around it by using a friend's address.

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