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Original poster
Feb 6, 2016
I am used to when I click on the green button in a window it maximizes, and when I click it again I get a window maybe half the size of my monitor.

In many apps (e.g. TextEdit), when I do this the Top Menu disappears and the application/document windows literally fits my entire screen - I don't like this.

And when I click on the green dot again, I am not getting a window that is maybe half-sized - I don't like this either.

Why? Because the first scenario requires that I hover around to find my Top Menu. Bad.

And the second scenario means that I can't easily get a window that I can see around - I often want a half-sized TextEdit window so I can type notes while seeing the main application/document in the background (e.g. taking notes from MacRumors).

Also, I often find that when I open an application/document, the window is 95% maximized, but not entirely, and I have to move the window to the top-left and then drag the window to make it maximized.

(I will be taking off next week for a VACATION from all this fricking work!!!!) :mad:

I am using El Capitan.


macrumors 6502a
Oct 11, 2003
Press the "Option" key on the keyboard before clicking the green button. The window behavior should then match what you are accustomed to.
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