OS X Issues playing DotA2; Hot corners and two displays

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by domemvs, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Hi guys.

    I downloaded DotA2 because I wanted to play a little. With regard to performance everything seems to work perfectly fine, very smooth and no stuttering. Of course: the fan is running on high(est) rpm, but that's alright.

    My Setup: MBPr 15" Late 2013 with dGPU (750m). Attached to it via HDMI: 24" 1080p IPS LG Display,.

    But there are some issues, that make this game unplayable so far:

    1. Hot Corners
    DotA2 is a MOBA/strategy game with a typical bird's-eye-perspective. So it's necessary to move your mouse around very much in order to change the current view of the map. In OS X I have Hot Corners enabled. Of course these Hot Corners also work, if I touch them during playing DotA2. So either Mission Control starts or my desktop is shown etc. My current workaround is turning Hot Corners off manually and turning them back on as soon as I leave the game. This is quite annoying.

    Can this be done with Automator maybe? Any suggestions?

    2. Two screens
    While the first problem can be solved, this problem is really annoying and there seems to be no obvious and easy solution:

    As I already wrote, I use a MacBook Pro with an external display. Now, in-game, depending how my two displays are arranged in OS X Pref Pane, my mouse leaves the game as soon as I arrive at that border/corner. So my mouse leaves the game and is on the OS X desktop on my internal MacBook display. You have to move your mouse to the corners/borders of the game all the time during the game, so this happens more or less all the time.

    The only workaround I could think of is using my MBP in clamshell-mode while playing that game, but I don't want that because of the heat. I know the air-intakes are on the bottom but I've read several people complaining about massive heat generation, especially when doing demanding tasks, such as gaming.

    I don't have a Boot Camp partition with Windows and I don't want to set up one, if not unavoidable.

    I count on you :D

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    Jun 1, 2009
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    Well, for your 2nd problem I'd suggest to just switch from multiple desktops to screen mirroring and just dim the rMBP screen to black. Much better than using clamshell as you'll want the air to reach the hot parts.

    For the 1st issue I don't have an answear.

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