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May 2, 2021
Hey folks.

Recently I bought a Kensington SD5700T to use with my Macbook M1 Pro, but I'm having a lot of issues with my displays.

I use the Macbook with the lid closed, connected to the dock with a TB4 cable. The dock then is connected to two monitors (Samsung M7 4k@60 and Dell P2720DC 1440@60) with TB4 cables too. I also have webcam, mic and ethernet connected to the dock.
When it works, it works very well.

The problem is with the displays when the Mac sleeps or when it is disconnected. Every time that the Mac sleeps (like overnight) or when I disconnect it from the dock and reconnect it, the displays do not recognize any input signal.
It's interesting because:
  • the blue light from the dock does turn on, indicating a connection was detected
  • Mac recognises the ethernet connection and I can navigate just fine
  • Mac recognises the webcam and I can use it in Facetime and Photobooth
  • Mac recognises the mic and I can use it normaly
The monitors, on the other hand, do not show up in the Displays sections under System Settings, and the monitors display that no signal is found. The rest of the dongles/accessories work every single time, the monitors almost rarely work.
To make the monitors work I need to either restart the Macbook or power cycle the dock couple of times.

I tested connecting my iPad Pro M1 11' and the result is very similar. The iPad recognises the ethernet every single time (and other accessories, like SD Card reader), but it takes a couple of power cycling or iPad reboot to display to work (iPad M1 only works with one display).

I couldn't find any firmware update for the dock.

Any tips or ideas how to proceed before requesting a refund?
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