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    Jul 5, 2015
    My girlfriend got an iphone 5 and transfered all of her information from her iphone 4 to the iphone 5 from itunes. Now I want to use the iphone 4 but all of her information is still stored onto it. So when we try to erase all of the data from the phone its asking her to enter her apple ID password. She is entering in the right password but it says that it is incorrect. She thinks that because the information is on both phones its not allowing her to login to icloud, how do I go about solving this? Thanks.
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    You cannot solve that problem without the correct apple ID and password associated with that device.
    Turn the phone off, log in to with her login and remove the phone from that icloud account.
    Without doing that you wont be able to do anything with the phone so either try to reset the password if she forgot it or contact Apple for help.

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