Issues with Intel Graphics on MacBook Pro 16

Espen Thuen Hansen

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Nov 27, 2019
I have an issue with the Intel Graphics on my MacBook Pro 16. I experience some micro stutter on the UI and especially when browsing the web. If I Uncheck the box next to “Automatic graphics switching” and only use the AMD Gpu the MacBook is buttery smooth. Ive tried a fresh OS install, and the beta 3 of Catalina, and beta of Safari without improvement. A friend of mine has the MacBook Pro 15 2018 model and he doesn't have the same issue.

Any suggestion here ? Is this a hardware problem or could it be a Cataina problem ?


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Sep 20, 2019
Same issue here, the only thing I can do is uncheck the automatic graphics switching, and Im sure next couple software Update will fix it.