Issues with MBP Retina Display Screen Coating? Really at the end of my rope here...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by foreignconcepts, Dec 2, 2013.

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    foreignconcepts macrumors member

    Dec 31, 2008
    Had anyone else had an issue where the screen coating on their retina display seems to be degrading in spots? To the naked eye, it looks like a minuscule chunk out of the screen, or a dead pixel, but upon closer inspection with the computer turned off, it appears that the coating has developed an imperfection in the finish, which is causing the refraction of light.

    I had the screen on replaced 5 weeks ago for the same issue, which had appeared in multiple spots. The computer is only 4 months old. Before that, when the computer was three weeks old, a bug crawled out from IN BETWEEN the pixels and the exterior coating and died, warranting the first screen replacement.

    This machine is already a replacement machine for an early 2011 MPB which had no end of hard drive problems. It would appear that any Apple product I own which is under an AppleCare warranty is cursed - my 2008 MBP and iPhone 4S are both out of warranty and doing just fine (knock on wood). Granted, AC has covered the repairs in all instances thus far, but really - what is wrong with Apple's quality control lately? I have never had this many issues with any of their products.

    Incensed, I've once again crawled through the forums, and this time found a few people with the same issue, as well as some other non related articles taking issue with LG vs Samsung retina displays. Could this be the source of the problem? Perhaps what comes OEM is Samsung and I've had two LG displays as replacements?? Apparently there is a third party script that can be ran on the machine to determine which manufacturer made the screen - but would this be accurate after two screen replacements?

    I'm seriously considering driving to Tampa to take care of this because I'm utterly embarrassed to have to ask my local service center/reseller to replace the screen on this computer a THIRD time in nearly as many months. :mad:
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    Apr 8, 2010
    I have not had this problem at all... Keep bringing it back until you get a perfect one
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    Dec 31, 2008
    My dad has one as well and it's not had any sort of hardware problems like this that I know of - although I may take a closer look at it now to make sure.

    I searched online last time this happened, and found nothing. As much as I've tried to manipulate lighting around the machine to document it with a photo, it's too small for even one of my macro lenses to pick up. The only hunch I have go to on is LG vs. Samsung retina screens - I wonder which are used in the replacement parts?

    Honestly with the history of screen replacements, I'm almost afraid to take it back even to an Apple Store. They're going to start thinking it's user failure. :(
  4. foreignconcepts thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 31, 2008
    YES. After I made this thread, I poked around Apple's support communities, and found someone who referred to it as "exploding pixels". Prior to that point, I was searching for "screen coating damage" or "screen damage" or "dead pixel" (even though the latter did not adequately describe my problem at all).

    As soon as I changed my search keywords to "exploding pixels", I started to get threads that described exactly the problem, right down to the panic associated with the initial finding of the problem (thinking it's accidental damage), the lack of imagery as the problem is too small for the average macro lens to pick up... which brings me to this article ( which shows the imperfections in the displays seen under a microscope. I've bookmarked everything, so I'm going to print all these out and take them to my service center. Now I'm confident this is not user failure, and confident that I can prove it.
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    May 1, 2009
    I had this problem on 3 of 3 screens on my 2012 15" rmbp. Apple replaced all three screens. The last screen lasted about a year and then roughly every 2 weeks, a new spot on the screen would experience this "explosion" effect. Finally when there were 4 such spots I had enough and brought it in, again. I think there is a real problem with the manufacturing of these screens and the complaints will slowly start to accumulate/trickle in. Maybe I was just really unlucky, but I somehow doubt it.
  6. -Daniel- macrumors newbie

    Feb 20, 2015
    More "exploding pixels" issues

    I've had a similar experience as well on two different MBPs at the same time from the 2013 generation (one is work, one is personal). They both developed a pin hole sized crater in the glass and the pixel underneath looked discolored- not sure if the pixel was damaged or it was the crater that caused the discoloration.

    Although both covered under the warranty the Mac Genius at the local Apple Store did not want to fix it, he claimed it was due to dirt and so it would not be covered. Of course I complained to the manager and since I was at the time a Joint Venture member they finally agreed to repair both laptops.

    Now a year later the same issue has reappeared on both screens that were replaced. Unfortunately the warranty on my personal laptop is expired and Apple only offers me their $310 flat rate repair. I should not have to pay for a screen that was defective from the start. What poor quality for screens to have this defect and suffer from these tiny craters.

    Apple just started a repair extension on these laptops for video issues, I wish they would do the same for these screen defects.
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    Mar 11, 2009
    Northwest Indiana

    I am in the exact same boat. I bought a Retina 15" with LG screen used. It was a great deal so I am still happy with it but it has dead pixels, image retention, mara spots and small craters. I just figured the screen was damaged because the dead pixel could be felt on the screen like a scratch. Now is the first I am hearing about it being a defect and not damage. I can't believe how bad these screens are. Apple told me the same $310. I actually just purchased my own screen for $260 on eBay and will replace it myself then sell the crappy display for hopefully $150. Cracked ones are going for $90. Mine still works at least somewhat.

    This whole thing is crap that they haven't acknowledged it. I am hoping they will down the road like with the graphics issue they finally admitted to. Sadly I dont think they will because the laptops are still usable, unlike the computers with the graphics issues.
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    Mar 13, 2015
    Sorry to be so late. But yes, we are now many with this problem. The discussion thread on Apple's Support Forum was closed down today - maybe due to spam-like activity from a few enthusiastic users who wanted to raise the awareness by increasing the number of posts. So The "Support" Team closed it.

    We hope they re-open. But we should expect nothing.
    Meanwhile check here for threads and then we can refer you also to the group on Facebook, called Macbook Retina STAIN ON DISPLAY / damaged AR coating.

    If you haven't already given up and changed to another operating system, then participate and contribute with the rest of us.

    Many greetings
    Joakim Larsen, Denmark / Ethiopia
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    I've got some exploded pixels that showed up in the first 2 weeks of receiving my late 2013 rMBP. I've chosen to not send it in for repair and the problem at least has not grown. Pic attached of the pixels. You can feel them with your fingernail and viewed under a 10x handles it appears to be 4 pixels that popped out the glass. This is not damage I have inflicted.

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