iStat Fan speeds (2011 27")

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ZMacintosh, Nov 8, 2011.

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    I'm just curious does this appear to be backwards in the high RPM for the Optical drive versus the CPU? at the time of this screencap it was in an idle state straight from a cold boot

    Fahrenheit [​IMG]
    Celsius [​IMG]

    temps seem fine, just a bit of a fan hum and its not the second HDD thats in there as i put that in sleep mode and still had the noise, its not overly bothersome i was just alittle unsure of the higher RPM for the optical drive RPM speeds vs the CPU -- i'm curious if it has anything to do with the SSD being behind the ODD possibly giving off a bit more heat to have that high of a rpm for the odd fan?
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    The fan speed of 1,000 - 1,100 ish at idle is normal. I don't hear my iMac fans until its fan speeds climb above 1,200 rpms. If wondering, 3,000+ RPMs is considered fast for an iMac. Me thinks one of the fans is unbalanced or perhaps rubbing something it shouldn't.

    Perhaps same humming reasons found within:

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    it might be normal as i had a friend who had their iMac 2011 since day one, same exact specs (3.4 i7, SSD+2TB, 16GB etc) and his istat had the exact same fan speeds/temps and his was sitting idle/from a cold boot.

    so possibly alittle excess heat dissipation from the ssd bay area under the optical

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