Isues after 10.8.2 please.

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    Hi, I am somewhat new to OSX and the Mac and I am having some issues after installing the 10.8.2 update, and I don't know how to use what in Windows would be called "Event Viewer" in OSX to diagnose, and even if I did know how to get to it, I wouldn't be able understand what it was telling me most likely.

    Problems are, sometimes at night when I close the lid on my Mac and wake up in the morning, I'll open it up and everything is fine, desktop is right there and ready to go, however, other times when I wake up and open it up the login screen is there and I have to login (meaning the computer restarted) and I have no reason why.

    Another symptom that is REALLY awkward (don't even know how ill explain this well) is sometimes I don't close the lid on my computer and just let the screen turn off and go to bed or leave for a while and comeback and sometimes the screen turn on and when I move the mouse everywhere I move it, it creates like a grey trail, and if I were to move it over every inch of the screen it "uncovers" the login screen and if I click on my login picture it will then turn the whole screen to the login screen and then I login and everything is fine. I know that probably makes absolutely no sense to anyone but its almost like OSX logs me out but leaves the last image of the desktop before I let the screen turn off but doesn't revert to the login screen until I move the mouse around and "uncover" my login picture, click on it and then the login screen appears in full, I can login and everything starts up fine and the computer runs great.

    I am so sorry for not being able to explain that better, but it's something I have never seen in Windows or OSX until I installed 10.8.2. Some things you may want to know is I have it set so the SSD never goes to sleep, the computer never goes to sleep, the screen just turns off and thats it. I do have it set so I can lock the screen from the desktop (the little lock show up in the menu bar) and I can't really remember but there is a chance that the problem showed up when I enabled that feature, but I am pretty sure it has to do with 10.8.2.

    Basically, what I would like to do is have someone tell me where to get the "event viewer" information and then have someone help me tell me what the information means.

    Macbook Air: Late 2010, 1.4ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 512 GB SSD. Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with all App updates installed. Thank You in advance, and once again sorry for not being able to explain that bizarre activity that happens sometimes with the desktop!

    PS: I would like to know if this is a software issue or a hardware issue as I have about a month and a half left on my warranty.

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