iPhone iSwipe/TouchPal Replacement?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by 0000757, Feb 3, 2014.

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    While I prefer using the iOS environment, one of my favorite things on Android was the Swype keyboard. It was pretty convenient to be able to swipe words or even entire sentences quickly and efficiently, especially when using one hand.

    Now, I know there are two options: iSwipe and TouchPal. I have some major issues with both. my main issues with TouchPal are that it's entirely Chinese! This is even more confusing considering on Android, TouchPal X is in English! My other major issue is that I have to use their proprietary feature and their own voice translation software. I want to be able to use the iOS keyboard.

    Now, I know with iSwipe I can use the stock iOS keyboard, but the biggest issue (that TouchPal doesn't have) is that whenever I use two hands to type on my phone, I type so fast that iSwipe automatically activates so my sentences come out as a broken mess!

    So, do I have any other options? Or do I have to pick between a Chinese proprietary keyboard or poor two finger recognition?
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    iSwipe/TouchPal Replacement?

    你应该学汉语 ?

    That aside your out of luck unless Apple gets with the program and adds a Swype-style keyboard for us.

    I really wish iSwipe was better at prediction and, as you note, not a nightmare when it comes to tap typing.

    I used TouchPal on Android and use it now on my 5s. The default options are set fine if you don't understand them and the keyboard layout needs a few hours to get used to but for accurate prediction, swiping and a numbered top row (swipe up) make it a no-brained for me.
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    So, which one is better if you are not just going to type in English nor in Chinese?
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