iSync and Manufacturer Compatibility

Discussion in 'macOS' started by jaw04005, May 17, 2005.

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    Aug 19, 2003
    I'm having problems with iSync in Tiger (4.1). I have both Nokia 3600 and Sony Ericson T637. After setting up each of them, certain contact categories such as the home telephone number, zip code, and city name is left out. I have tried resetting the devices and resetting them to their original manufacturer state. However, I still can’t figure out the problems.

    The Nokia 3600 syncs information on all contacts, however randomly leaves out information on certain contacts.

    It appears that the information it mis-syncs is chosen at random.

    Example: Upon first sync, information in Contact A is complete, however Contact B may be missing a zip code. Upon second sync, the zip code from Contact A disappears, and Contact B has all of its information including the previous missing zip code.

    The T637 refuses to sync anything other than the "primary telephone number" and "other info" contact categories. It also refuses to add new contacts to its phonebook that were not originally entered manually.

    Hasn't iSync been around since 10.2 Jaguar? You would think that Apple would be able to get their act together and create a working sync system!

    Apple recently moved .Mac and iPod sync (two of iSync’s three main functions) to different locations in Tiger. Makes you wonder if Apple getting ready to abandon the iSync application, and shoot for a fully integrated sync system with future Tiger updates.

    Anyone use iSync on a daily/regular basis?
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    Jan 9, 2004
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    I use iSync regularly with my iPod (well, up until iTunes 4.8) and my Nokia 3650. I don't think I've had the issue you describe. I perused a few random contacts and didn't notice this, but I can't be sure. I have noticed that iSync seems a little buggier. Even before iTunes 4.8, whereas iSync in Panther used to automatically start and sync both my phone and my iPod if I plugged my iPod in, in Tiger it wouldn't do this. And sometimes it seemed to sync only one of the two without even making an attempt to sync the other one, for some unknown reason (with no error msg). Also it seemed to screw up all of my custom ringtones for some reason.

    But since that initial sync, aside from the sometimes only syncing one device, it seems to work okay. I haven't synced that many times since iTunes 4.8 though.

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