iSync NEC e616

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by crapday, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. crapday macrumors newbie

    Feb 21, 2004
    Hi I have the new NEC e616 phone on the 3 network in the uk and i could'nt get isync to work with it does anyone know when apple will make isync and this phone compatable. Thanx
  2. glosterseagul macrumors regular

    Mar 13, 2004
    its the phone not apple - best get a new phone, isync is neat on a sony p900
  3. rsaumonier macrumors newbie

    Apr 30, 2004

    I'm in the same boat as crapday. I haven't tried pairing the phone as a bluetooth device, don't have a module/adapter yet - but was wondering whether even this would work, and whether there would be any file sharing options (v.card files even calendars?) Should I invest in more hardware or get a different phone? Does anyone know of a phone with the same kind of features more compatible with a mac?
    Suggestions appreciated

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