It appears that Microvision is working with Foxlink to make micro projectors

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    Cheng Uei Precision (2392.TW: Quote) is expected with the United States MEMS projection display technology leaders Microvision cooperation, into the mini-projector modules; Cheng Uei will also work with Intel (INTC.O: Quote) to jointly develop high-frequency high-speed connectivity module. (End)

    Cheng Uei Precision is another name for Foxlink

    go to and look at bottom of page to confirm
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    Foxconn makes handsets for lots of companies.

    As Apple seems to only want to sell one model at a time, it's appears unlikely that the iPhone would get a projector.

    Other phone makers would be far more likely to add a niche market projector model.
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    Oct 17, 2009
    Foxlink, Microvision and Nokia

    Foxlink developing micro projectors for handsets, say sources

    Nienlu Tu, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES [Monday 6 July 2009]

    Taiwan-based Foxlink has stepped into the development of micro projectors, and the company is currently developing the products in cooperation with a handset client from Europe, according to sources with Taiwan handset makers.

    Foxlink has sent related samples to the client for verification, which may pave the way for small shipments in the fourth quarter of 2009, the sources noted.

    the sources, adding that Foxlink is likely to benefit from the emerging trend due to its strong business relationships with Nokia and Apple

    From MVIS...>>> "Our very first shipments have already gone to Asia, as we are currently focused on fulfilling the first orders and shipments through our recently announced Asian distribution partner. We’ve also announced that we’ve signed marketing & distribution agreements in Europe. We can’t tell you the specific details yet as our partners first want to manage their product launch communication plans. When the details do become public, if you live in the geographic areas that the first shipments are available you might be able to scoop up some of the first SHOWWX laser pico projectors."

    Cheng Uei Precision (2392.TW: Quote) is expected with the United States MEMS projection display technology leaders Microvision cooperation, into the mini-projector modules;

    Seems to all add

    By the way Foxlink (Chen Uei) supplied the cables and connectors to the iPhone...>>>
    What's In The iPhone?
    A Component List
    007-01-11 10:36:09

    From the moment Steve Jobs showed the iPhone up on the Macworld 2007 Keynote screen, people began speculating as to what silicon lies at the heart of this amazing device. Many assumed the the iPhone had an Intel inside, but it does not. (An Intel core would not be ideally suited for such a device.) Others wondered if a PowerPC could be found under the hood. The buzz we heard at Macworld was that a Samsung ARM processor, was the muscle behind this new iPod communicator. A recent report from FBR Research shows that the buzz was on-target.

    FBR indicates that Apple has contracted with Taiwan-based suppliers to produce six million iPhones this year, with an option for the production of an additional three million units, depending upon demand. The research firm has provided the following list of suppliers whose parts or services go into the iPhone.
    Samsung Electronics (applications/video processor)
    Marvell (802.11)
    Infineon Technologies (baseband)
    Broadcom Corp. (touch screen controller)
    Cambridge Silicon Radio (Bluetooth)
    Foxconn International (assembly)
    Foxconn Tech (mechanical parts)
    Catcher (stainless casing)
    Cheng Uei (connectors and cable)
    Entery (Bluetooth module)
    Unimicron (PCB)
    Tripod (PCB)
    Largan Precision (camera lens)
    Altus (camera module)
    Balda AG (touchscreen)

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