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    Jan 20, 2009
    Last night, I had to do a presentation...I have Word2003 installed on my VMWare Fusion WinXP (clone of my old dell laptop) installation. I bought the MiniDP=>DIV and MiniDP=>VGA dongles when I bought my UnibodyMB.

    When I hooked up the projector to my MB via the VGA just worked!!!! So much so, that I was actually able to set the resolution of the projector slightly higher than the manuf. said you could...

    Today, I tried hooking my MB up to a Sceptre Widescreen 37" TV via the DVI and headphone (3.5=>3.5) jack...once just worked!

    My MB even automatically selected the best resolution for each attached device...

    In the end...IT JUST WORKS.

    Now, I have to buy a VGA=>Svideo (or component or compposite) adaptor to watch my Netflix on my 'old' Sony SDTV.

    Happy Clam I Am!
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    Feb 20, 2008
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    It is great. In my profession I hook my MBP up to many different video devices including projectors. And when I hook it up straight DVI my MBP not only just works but it tells me the device I am hooking up to and also sets my resolution the the native resolution of the device. It's awesome... :D

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