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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by antman2295, Apr 13, 2015.

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    I will be studying abroad this summer in Italy from May 20th - June 22nd. I am trying to figure out what provider to use for cell service while I am over in Italy. I will be spending most of my time in the Florence, but plan to travel to Venice, Amalfi, and Rome. I currently have At&t here in the US but will get my phone unlocked (I have an iPhone 6 Plus). I found that 3, Wind, and Vodafone all provide cell service, but I don't know which has the best service and reasonable rates. I will need mainly need data, and maybe a few minutes and texts. If there is an unlimited data package that would work great. I have tried to do research, but Google translate doesn't necessarily translate everything on the webpage. Any advice and information is greatly appreciated!!!
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    I was in Italy a few times, and noticed both Tim and Vodafone have good coverage. As for data, I believe they recently changed their plans so you might want to look. When I went into both Tim and Vodafone stores the employee's spoke English so I could decide which plan was better for me.
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    Thanks for the information John. Does anyone else have insight on which carriers would be a good choice for a month over there with reliable service, and fair data plans?
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    TIM is the operator with the best coverage in Italy.
    H3G (simply called 3 or tre) has the cheapest data plans but the worst coverage and roaming is expensive.

    How many GB of data do you need per month? And what about voice?
    Tell me and I'll tell you the best offer ;)

    Btw you will love Florence, you'll find lots of foreign students there (many from the US) and the city is beautiful
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    Choose between TIM and Vodafone for the best coverage (LTE+).
  6. Hybrid087, Apr 23, 2015
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    Just came back from a three week trip in Italy and used TIM wireless. Coverage was solid traveling between Florence, Rome, and Milan

    They had several options for travelers and it was very easy to setup as everyone spoke English. I picked up this plan for about 30 euro that included 5 gigs of 4G/LTE data and was good for 30 days. They also had a few other options that included minutes for calling locally and internationally. Here's one that includes data and voice for about the same price.

    Just make sure to bring your passport into the store when you're ready to get service as they'll need that to setup your account.

    Have fun!

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