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    Aug 11, 2010

    Stewart Walker and I (Sneak-Thief) started a project called GbR where artists can buy & sell songs as Ableton Live files for 5 EURO each (and later on, Apple Loops, REX & WAVs). Artists will get ~60% of each sale.

    Everybody is welcome to sell their tracks at ItchyClips - Create your account here

    - Background:

    We want to create a community of artists for artists - you know, like session musicians who offer their services to other producers and performers. This means released and unreleased songs of all styles, from dance tracks to Mexican hip-hop to psych-rock, etc.

    We welcome all styles of music, acoustic or electronic!

    - What's a Scratchpack?

    It's a song in Session-mode with roughly 8 instruments and 4-8 scenes - free downloadable examples:

    Stewart Walker: Trankeelo (Free Scratchpack download - Ableton Live 8 Format)

    Sneak-Thief: Smitten (Free Scratchpack download - Ableton Live 8 Format)

    - More info: How to submit your Scratchpack

    All comments and feedback are welcome!

    Michel Morin + Stewart Walker GbR
    tel +49 30 263 44714 Berlin, DE
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    May 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Not a bad effort. I hope it grows.
    Any suggestions on where to get Midi/wav files for Mac users?

    I've got a few DJ friends that have so much MIDI/WAVE files that use Live 8 on PC and when I ask if those sounds are available for Mac they shrug. Because I'm unaware of the packs they use - I much different ideas for musical composition even though our choice of genres are the same - I don't know where to search. I'm looking for quality & free MIDI/WAVE files.

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