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    May 24, 2009
    so as you know i wanna buy a mbp and im having problems figuring out which one i want whether new or old and which version of each

    but its fine i can probably figure that out ive been going on and off

    my main question to help me buy a mac is regaridng to this paragraph i read from gizmodo source

    This is followed, unfortunately, by a swift kick in the penis: None of Snow Leopard's fancy new GPU offloading features, including h.264 video acceleration, will work on the millions and millions of Macs with Intel integrated graphics. Even worse? While OpenCL at least supports the Nvidia graphics hardware in last-gen MacBook Pros and iMacs, h.264 video acceleration will only work with Macs that have Nvidia's 9400m graphics processor, i.e. Unibody MacBooks. GPGPU and video acceleration features are closely tied to hardware, so this isn't necessarily shocking, just a bit disappointing. [Macrumors—Thanks, Max!]

    does that mean the snow leopard features wont work on a current mbp that has integrated graphcis and must have only the nvidia 9400m only.

    idk im confused ;x
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    Sep 7, 2008
    do you rly want to know?
    ok. as long as ur laptop has something from nvidia u will be fine. so 9400m + 9600m gt also works. you don't have to have the 9400m. it just won't work with the integrated from intel.

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