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    You guys have asked for it, and here is my review!


    I have always loved natural cases and accessories for my iPhone & my iPad. While I have been enjoying leather the past month or so, I though it was time to cure my addiction and choose something else. Luckily, some wood accessories were the newest kid on the block. The first wood product that I reviewed, which was also a combination of leather, was the Evouni Natural Wooden Pouch. Today, I have yet another wood product for the iPhone 4 called the iTimber case, a beautiful piece of handcrafted goodness combined with the unique look and feel of wood. These reminded me a lot of the Miniot wood cases. Interested to find out which one is better? Read on for the full review of the iTimber for the iPhone 4 to find out.

    The iTimber case comes in one of the simplest boxes ever, sort of like the box that my iPhone 4 came in. To open up the package, you simply lift up the top portion and wait until the bottom portion of the box smoothly falls out. In the box you will find the iTimber case itself, a very nice screen protector (which will have an extra review at the bottom) and a very nice stand (extra review on the bottom for that as well).

    All right, let’s move onto the installation process, which was very easy and fast to say the least. Before you put the case on your iPhone 4, I highly recommend that you clean both the back and the sides of your iphone 4 to make sure that there aren’t any dust or debris lying around that may scratch up the back and the sides of your iPhone 4. To install the iTimber, you simply take the top portion of the case and slide it slowly into the top of your phone until full seated into place. That’s all you have to do, and then your iTimber should be perfectly installed on your iPhone 4.

    Let’s take a quick tour around the dimensions of the case. On the top of the case you have one single opening for the sleep/wake button and the audio jack. The sleep/wake button is covered by a fairly thick piece of wood and was very responsive. As for the audio jack, I will get to that at the end of this review, same goes for the dock connector. On the side of the case you have one single cutout for the vibrate switch that was very easy to get to. Like the sleep/wake button, the volume buttons are covered by very small circular pieces of wood that are very responsive and register without a problem. iTimber even went as far as engraving plus and minus signs on the buttons.

    On the bottom of the case you have three individual cutouts for the speaker, the mic, and the dock connector. As of the moment, I have had no problem when it comes to reproducing sound out the speakers and my voice was still clear as day when using the mic. As for the dock connector, we will get to that later. Going tot the back of the case you will find a very nice cutout for the camera and the flash and I am pleased to report that I have not had any flash issues as of thus far when it comes to taking pictures in low light conditions.

    As far as the quality of the wood goes, it’s fantastic. Even though the Walnut is not done up with a finish of any type (a lot of the other ones do have a very nice finish on them though), it is still one of the smoothest pieces of walnut that I have ever felt. The craftsmanship is phenomenal, all the cutouts for the buttons and ports are perfect and right on the money. This case also let’s off a very classical vibe since it is made entirely out of wood. It’s not everyday that you see someone rocking wood on their iPhone 4.

    Now, there are a few gripes I had about the case, some very small, some big. The first small gripe I had about the iTimber was that there is absolutely not lay on the table design so that if you were to set your iPhone 4 face down you may risk getting dirt and debris on your screen and potentially scratching the LCD. Also, I said that I was going to get to both the dock connector and the audio jack opening later. I found that the audio jack was extremely small and barely any of my IEM’s or cans could fit in their well. Even the stock Apple Earbuds had quite a rough time squeezing in. Also, I highly doubt if a lot of third party cables would fit in the dock opening due to the fact that it is so small. I would also like to add that this case does add a pretty good amount of bulk to the overall size of the iPhone 4.

    Now, I do have two little mini reviews that are on the iTimber dock and the iTimber screen shield. The dock, which is of course made from wood, is made from the same walnut that the case is made up of, to make everything match up. The dock is very nice and adds a very cool addition to the already snazzy iTimber. The quality of the dock is excellent and matches up perfectly when paired with the case. You can stand your case in portrait mode (you can charge the case through the back as well when in portrait mode) and in landscape mode. Overall, the dock was a very nice addition and looked lovely next to the iTimber.

    As far as the screen shield goes, its good to. I installed it using the steam method (take a look at all of my other reviews on how to do that) and it adhered perfectly the first time, no bubbles or anything of the sort. The cutouts were perfect and the screen was absolutely crystal clear. After a week or so of rocking the protector, I failed to notice any scratches or scuffs on the screen, which, in my opinion, made it one of the more scratch resistant screen shields that I have tested.

    Overall, the iTimber case is a good case. Even though the case does not feature 3rd party accessory compatibly, people will still enjoy the sexiness and the sleek look that this case offers. The included dock and screen protector make this a smoking deal. If iTimber can make some of the port cutouts a little bit larger, this case could easily hold its own against some of the other wood cases available on the market today. You can pick up your iTimber for $55 on iTimber’s website ( and they come in various types of wood including Maple, Dark walnut, Walnut, and Rosewood.




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    For the majority of users who are new to the iPhone word, such as Verizon users, this case is incompatible with our unit. They have had ample time to come out with a new unit for the ViP4, yet they haven't. That is not a negative comment towards their character as a company, it's simply a wait-to-see to those of us with ViP4's.

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