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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by GigaWire, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. GigaWire macrumors 6502

    Dec 25, 2001
    Couple of issues with the iTMS.

    1. I sent one to the wrong e-mail address. The e-mail address I input is non-existant, so no one received the value of the certificate. Does Apple inform me that in essence the certificate bounced? No. There is no way for me to recover the value of the certificate, since the redemption code for it is not on any part of the receipt.

    2. Friend did a clean install of Panther. Loaded up iTunes on the new install, authorized her account and music, guess what? Her $5 or so in credit that she had from a certificate at the iTMS is gone. She tried to re-redeem the certificate, no good. So basically, her money is gone. Now what the hell kind of system is that? Anyone else see/hear of similar?
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    Jun 15, 2003
    Cambridge, MA
    1. I think the email address issue is fine. It does ask you to confirm the email just check before you send. I don't think apple is obligated to do anything more.

    2. I don't know if the gift certificate info is stored on your computer or your account. I would guess account, but your friend's story makes it seem like its on the computer. I can tell you that I had a similar problem, I redeemed a gift certificate, had to restart for a software update, and when I came back the credit was gone. I got really freaked out and was about to email apple...but it popped up about a minute later. Maybe it just takes some time to refresh

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