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Discussion in 'iPod' started by mrgreen4242, Sep 1, 2007.

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    This may have already been posted, so my apologies if it is a dupe... I didn't see it, but it could be in one of the very large NBC/iTMS threads.

    I was listening the NPR yesterday evening and they were reporting on the whole NBC/iTMS deal, the $5 per episode story, etc, etc. One thing they did mention, and I think it was just an analyst talking, was that this might be a ploy for NBC to get ads into the downloads.

    With iTMS having a two tiered music system now, I'm pondering if TV shows could go a similar route. Not pay more for un-DRM'd copies, but ad free ones. If they bring back NBC at $1.99 with ads and have an a free version at $3-5, I'll be pissed. But, if they have an ad free option at $2 still, and offer an ad supported that is either free (with a normal by broadcast standards amount of commercials) or very cheap - like $.49 - with less commercials, well, I'd probably buy into that... anyways, just thought it was an interesting take on the NBC/Apple story.
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    If they have ads they should be free...

    You can get the shows free on NBC's website, but you have to watch the ads...

    I would not mind that at all as long as they were free..

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