iTopography, calculate the area of any surface!

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    Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you needed to accurately calculate the area of your garden, the living room or even the area of a geometrical shape for a class homework?

    iTopography was developed to assist you in calculating the area of any surface. iTopography is developed on the premise that a surface can be approximated as a polygon of finite number of lines and vertices (points).

    iTopography uses the GPS device to obtain the longitude and latitude of the current position. In the case of a weak signal (e.g., inside the house), the user is asked to manually give the position of the point. In order for iTopography to compute the area of a surface, the user must move along the borders of the surface in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. When the user inserts the points, iTopography will connect the adjacent points with a straight line, draw the surface, and calculate the area of the surface along with its perimeter.

    This app is currently free, and you may find some pictures at itunes

    The support webpage is not ready yet, but it will soon be.

    Please, feel free to make suggestions and requests!

    Hope you like it
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    Here are some pics:

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