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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by arenson, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. arenson macrumors newbie

    May 19, 2004
    My question is about Itouch and/or IPhone. I am in Japan, and as I suspected, IPhone seems like price overkill as my bills now on competitor AU are a third less than the estimates I have heard. Plus, japanese phones are already pretty much feature packed, so it is less of an incentive to get an IPhone if all I want are the calendars, hence my interest in the Itouch:

    I thought it would be nice to have a calendar in my pocket that is the SAME as the one on (now In fact, I am not even a heavy user of that APP on my Mac, preferring to keep a real calendar above my desk and copying it to fit in my wallet. But if I could have the same calendar on a device and the computer, it would make things easier, especially if I could add events from the device or the computer and have them come out the same on both devices.

    My questions are-->

    1) Can I do this NOW with the current Itouch?
    2) If yes, does this mean:

    a) when I bring my Itouch home and it finds my Airport Extreme wifi signal, it can somehow update itself and the computer? Does this require the new Iphone software downloaded via the computer, or is it included in the current ITouch?

    * aware there are some problems with the rollout of this for the Iphone, but not sure if it affects the Itouch?

    b) Can I do the same by just attaching it like I do my current IPod Nano--like a once a day Sync?

    I do not use my AU phone for the Internet and I doubt if I would use the Iphone or Itouch for it either. I don't see many free wifi spots when I am in town in Tokyo. The only free WIFI I have found (I haven't really looked much) is the one at home, and occasionally that of a neighbor who apparantly has one without a password. Tried with my portable MacBook at a store and found I needed a subscription.

    3) Are there other apps on the Internet that would allow me to see a calendar both on my computer and my AU or Itouch?

    NEW itouch?
    I have read here that there are rumors of a new Itouch...if it comes out what might it have that I might want?


    paul in tokyo
  2. Ivan P macrumors 68030

    Ivan P

    Jan 17, 2008
    When you plug the iPod touch into your computer, it will open the Summary screen for your iPod where it lists the serial number, how much storage space is left, etc.
    There are many tabs at the top of the screen, including one saying Info. Click that and you will have options for MobileMe, Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Safari and some Advanced options. Click "Learn More" under MobileMe to set up syncing via WiFi, and also select "Sync iCal calendars" under the Calendar option to sync your calendar whenever you connect the iPod to your computer. To use the MobileMe option you must have the latest version of iTunes and also have purchased the 2.0 software update.

    As for an update to the iPod touch...don't expect anything software-wise. If there is a revision soon it will perhaps add some manual volume buttons.
  3. Global2 macrumors newbie

    Jul 1, 2008
    You can also sync the calendar on a Touch to that on a MacBook running Leopard using wifi, without having to pay for Here is how:

    1)Establish a Google calendar

    2) Sync your Macbook calendar to the Google calendar using the new CalDAV capabilities released just a couple of weeks ago.

    3) Sync your Touch to the Goolge calendar using Nuevasync.
  4. arenson thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 19, 2004
    Thanks to you both.

    It SOUNDS like though we can then have a sync with, we have to use ical? On the Tokyo Ringo (Apple) club forum a few people also said it only syncs to ical and not So I am not clear why I would want to pay to upgrade (the touch?) to 2.0 when it can't use the calendar.

    Or am I missing something.

    (And wouldn't you know it, Ical is broken on my MAC. and I have never used it and cannot test sycning with Google). But if as you say we can sync via with the upgrade software, it would be great.

    About the Google, I see right now on their site that it says lists URLS for html and Ical. You mention MACBOOK calendat. My main is an older tower non Intel G5.

    Anyway, is now what Google already offers a means of syncing? Are the things you list below (davs?) something else? I am not familiar with alDAV
    and Nuevasync. Add ons?

    I really don't care what works so long as it works. If Google already allows you to sync to an ITouch that is great. If I have to force myself to use Ical (and fix the broken one on my computer, ok.)

    But I already entered a year's worth of stuff on the calendar and it sounds like it is useless if I want to get that on my itouch, from what I think you are saying? Since I will wait until Sept fopr th new Itouch, I have time, but i wanted to get my calendar up and running somewhere first, and the easiest way is best.

    By the way, I see many people writing about wifi, but is it all that common where you are? Here is Japan I see it in the ocassional subway station, but never from where I am at work or most coffeeshops. SO I guess I don't need to worry about email stuff since I don't think I ever encounter wifi outside of my own home.
  5. guin-girl macrumors newbie

    Aug 29, 2008
    I found the steps located at

    and was able to import my current data, by going to

    But now I can't get it to appear on my itouch. What step am I missing?
  6. guin-girl macrumors newbie

    Aug 29, 2008
    nevermind... got it... but I didn't even have to create a shared calendar on Leopard, just plug in with USB and start up itunes and sync, super easy.

    but at least now I know how to do it for my other mac.
  7. franzmueller macrumors regular

    Dec 1, 2007

    I have a account and push e-mail works fine ( I actually get e-mails in my ipod Touch faster than I get them on my Mac Book ) on the other hand ( or at least for the time been ) push calender DOSEN´T work at all .... I suppose this is a bug which needs to be fixed since I´ve got an e-mail with 90 day free subscription from Apple . it works when you plug your device into your computer whatever changes you do either on your pod or mac . also there is 50% chance that my works or not ... as said ... they still have to fix some issues ....

    I´m sure it will be fetch and not push but I could live with a 15min delay as long as don´t need to plug my touch every time I need to sync my ical.


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