Discussion in 'iPhone' started by yogiUK, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. yogiUK macrumors member


    Sep 1, 2008
    B-Town UK.
    Does anyone know of a product like the itrip that would work with the iphone and simplify media.
    one that charges in the lighter socket aswell?
  2. 4np macrumors 6502a


    Feb 23, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Yeah, the iTrip se ;) I have an iPod Touch and I have travelled 2 months through the USA in a rental, enjoying the tunes from my iPod using the iTrip :) The iTrip has a dock connector so you can attach it to the dock port of your iPod / iPhone, and it has a mini-USB port to charge your iPod/iPhone with a charger in your cigaret lighter. The thing has a digital tuner as well, works just fine :)

  3. Christa macrumors newbie

    Nov 21, 2008
    The iTrip is an FM transmitter made by Griffin Technology as a third party accessory for Apple Computer's popular iPod MP3 player. The iTrip plugs into the headphone socket of the iPod and converts the audio output into an FM radio signal, which can then be picked up by appliances such as car radios. Software bundled with the iTrip adds a playlist to iTunes containing audio files with a special set of tones in them. The iTrip Black is identical to the standard iTrip but black with white lettering, to match the design of the iPod U2 Special Edition.

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  4. efice32 macrumors 6502

    Nov 3, 2008
    Music City USA
    I can confirm that the iTrips that plug into the dock connectors of iPods do indeed work with the iPhone. It gives you a pop-up saying "this accessory is not made for iPhone" but you can dismiss that and then the iTrip functions as normally.

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